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September News
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Take Control Of Your Life, Or Someone Or Something Else Will

If life today seems to be moving at the speed of sound, just wait. It's going to get a lot faster. Already, accredited scientists are theorizing, and making extreme efforts to prove that there are things that can and do move faster than the speed of light. Major changes occur overnight that used to take 10 years.

To protect ourselves from the embarrassment of `not being in the know' and just to keep abreast of everything (and do everything), we often get the feeling that our lives are out of control. If you, like so many of us, are caught up in this onslaught of holding disaster at bay, then it's time to start looking at living as a choice…not a checklist.

You see, control isn't about doing it all, but it's more about being focused. It's learning how to identify what we want, and pursuing our major goals—not every goal. Control of our life is about making choices and having the perseverance, patience and self esteem to practice a sense of focus. Fortunately, focus, the first step in control, can be learned and must be practiced in order to get in touch with our inner hopes and dreams. We have all heard the saying that "Practice makes perfect".

Unfortunately, this is not entirely accurate. The only way that can always be true is, what ever we are practicing; we do it `perfectly' every time. If we continue to make the same mistakes while we are practicing, then those mistakes will become a part of that routine making it imperfect. To be totally accurate, the saying should be "Perfect practice makes perfect". The fact is that we live in an imperfect world. If your goal is to be perfect, then I suggest you find another world to live in, because the bottom line is, "it ain't gonna happen"(as they say in Texas). So remember, while learning to be focused, it's OK (as we say in Oklahoma) if we don't do it perfectly.

There are numerous books, articles, tapes (both video and audio) and I'm sure websites that have volumes of information on the subject of ways to remain focused, with the goal of staying in constant touch with our inner hopes and dreams. The following is an abbreviated version of some advice I have used as a secular foundation in this area.

Find Out What You Want.

Simply think of six things that you would like to do or have. Write them down (word processing is fine) and put away the list. Then repeat this process over a four-week period. Then scrutinize the list to determine which `likes' come up most frequently. This pattern should offer you some direction.

Triage Your Goals.

Most of us have to many goals, which we assign equal value. In medical terms, `triage' means, during terrible emergencies, with limited resources, you sort out the patients who are most likely to survive. Apply this principal to your goals, and, believe it or not, letting go of the goals, which have the most likely-hood of `dying' can produce a tremendous sense of relief.

Getting Under Way.

  1. Write down your plans for achieving each one. In some fields this is referred to as `Key Result Planning'. Writing down your goals increases accountability and your sense of commitment.
  2. Evaluate the tools you need to produce the desired outcomes. Resources can be educational materials, schooling, training, or just counseling with a spouse or significant person.
  3. Work on your goals during the time you feel is your greatest period of energy.
  4. Avoid getting diverted. Question to ask yourself: "Will doing this now get me where I want to be in one, five years, ten years?" If not then this goal goes onto a stretcher and may even have to be allowed to expire. IF YOU GO OFF-TRACK.

Here is a "hit list" of major distractions:

  • Negativity
  • Blaming others for your problems instead of taking control.
  • Perfectionism. What ever you do don't sacrifice the `good' for the `perfect'.
  • Procrastination. It takes many forms and is cloaked with everything from rationalization to reality.
  • Self-doubt.

Ways To Stay On Course And Remain Focused.

  • Avoid diversions during your "peak times"
  • Monitor and control your incoming and outgoing phone calls in direct relationship to your goals for that day.
  • Tune out technology that is non-productive and requires your attention during peak times.
  • Scrutinize the difference between "would like to do", "should do", and "must do". Integrate the phrase "better if" into your thinking process as a reminder that there are other options. E.g., "It would be "better if" I could always drive my Mother to the doctor every time she wants to go, but sometimes I have to make other arrangements."

Recognize The Limits Of Control.

Although most of us cannot predict the future or our plans coming to fruition, we still can experience the satisfaction of planning and steering our own ship. After all, we didn't create the seas, so we can't control the currents; we didn't design the boat, so we can't make it impregnable, but we can steer to our own satisfaction and self-enlightened interest while letting go of the rest.

Take control of your life, I know for a fact, the rewards will be greater than you can ever imagine.

Don Turner
Chief Marketing Officer

Net Surfing For Dummies...

News Online...

This month I want to continue my series of "You Can Find It Online" articles. This time, I may even be able to save you some money :)

People often ask me if I get the newspaper. I try not to laugh when I respond. "Why should I?" is the basic answer. Everything I could get from a newspaper I can find somewhere online. So why subscribe and pay money everyday for something that is really becoming obsolete.... Let me try and explain.

Almost every medium to large sized newspaper has an online version. And for that matter, so do many magazines. Although I'll admit that some online newspapers don't archive all their issues, you can usually still get the most current content right there in your web browser. In fact, you can often get things online that you can't in the typical paper version. Plus it is updated throughout the day with the latest news; you don't have to wait for the paper the next day to find out what's going on right now.

So how do you find your favorite newspaper online? Often the website will be a simple derivation of the name of the paper, like http://www.oklahoman.com or http://www.tulsaworld.com. But if you are still having problems, try either http://www.newspapers.com or your favorite search engine.

Part of the beauty of newspapers on the internet is that you don't have to pay for a subscription (with very few, very rare exceptions). And often you can get local info from other cities that you won't find in your own paper. (For example, I like to follow the Washington Redskins and have found that the best information is in their local paper: http://www.washingtonpost.com).

But, of course, it doesn't stop there. You want national or world news that's updated constantly? Try http://www.cnn.com or http://www.msnbc.com. Or you want more techie/business news, try http://www.news.com. Whatever your appetite for news, you can most assuredly get full from the huge array of online news that is just a click away.

As always, if you have questions or comments about this or any past article, feel free to drop an email to jason@animus.net

Jason Ayers
FullWeb President

High Speed Wireless Internet Service We would like to welcome some our newest wireless business customers to the FullNet wireless systems. In Tulsa, we have Tank Consultants, and in Enid, we have Dillingham Insurance and K-Imports. We are glad that you have chosen to be a part of our vision to provide High Speed Internet Access across the state of Oklahoma.

Everyday it seems that companies are developing unique applications that require High- Speed Internet Access. We are working to provide you with quality service that will allow you to utilize these new applications in your workplace and home.

We would also like to make an announcement concerning a FullNet employee who has been promoted to be our Head Wireless Technician. His name is Brian Robison and his focus will be on serving you the customer to build, develop, and improve the FullNet wireless system. You may reach Brian directly through his email account of wirelesstech@fullnet.net.

Jon Jones
Wireless Division Manager

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