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March News
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Several exciting events will and have taken place at FullNet this month!

Acquisitions Increase FullNet Revenues By 20 Percent

OKLAHOMA CITY(BUSINESS WIRE)March 6, 2001FullNet Communications, Inc. (``FullNet'')(OTCBB:FULO - news) today announced the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of LawtonNET Communications and SONET Communications.

Commenting on the acquisitions, founder and CEO Timothy J. Kilkenny said: "This gives us a very strong presence in the third-largest market in Oklahoma. Our goal is to more than double revenues this year as we continue to consolidate local ISPs in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas into the FullNet brand name."

Complete press release at: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010306/0185.html

FullNet Completes $1.0 Million Telecommunications Co-Location Facility

OKLAHOMA CITY(BUSINESS WIRE)March 13, 2001FullNet Communications, Inc. (``FullNet'') (OTCBB:FULO - news) today announced the completion of its new $1.0 million carrier-neutral co-location facility and corporate headquarters.

The 10,000 square foot facility is located in the Bank of Oklahoma Plaza building in downtown Oklahoma City and has an expandable high-speed fiber connection to the Southwestern Bell Central Office (``CO'') in downtown Oklahoma City, with conduit capacity expandable to carry in excess of 160 gigabits per second of digital information. At those speeds, the connection could carry 10 million encyclopedia pages, 12.5 million phone calls or 20,000 songs in MP3 format per second.

Commenting on the facility, founder and CEO Timothy J. Kilkenny said: "This facility gives us a significant competitive advantage due to our direct fiber connection to the CO, which provides for almost limitless capacity and the ability to connect to the many carriers having facilities there. As a carrier-neutral location, we offer much needed flexibility to companies looking for quality co-location space without having to be locked into a specific carrier for their bandwidth. However, since we do have both CLEC and ISP divisions, we can also offer a one provider solution to co-location, bandwidth and internet backbone requirements."

Complete press release at: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010313/0144.html

FullNet sets itself apart

By Ray Carter

The Journal Record Monday March 12th,

It's a blend of the old and new economy, an adaptation of an old concept in a high-tech world the hardware hotel, a business that houses and maintains other companies' computer equipment for a fee.

One Oklahoma City company hopes to make its mark on this new niche market.

FullNet Communications, located in Suite 210 of the Bank of Oklahoma tower at Robinson and Robert S. Kerr avenues in the downtown area, has remodeled its office space and now offers a 3,300-square-foot data center to clients.

Timothy K. Kilkenny, the company's CEO, said Fullnet's storage space is the most attractive to companies that do business in several states and already have contracts with a telecommunications company to provide their fiber-optic line.

Complete article can be found at: http://www.fullnet.net/journalrecord.html Our continued growth helps us better serve you! Thank you for choosing FullNet!

Welcome Lawton Fullnet Members

I want to take this opportunity to welcome our newly acquired Lawton users to the FullNet family. On February 28 both Sonet Communications and LawtonNet joined our growing member base as our most recent acquisitions. This year we are expecting to make regular additions to our dial-up customers through acquisition and I'm excited about what this means to you.

As FullNet continues to grow, you'll see our customer service staff expand and our business resources grow. We're positioning ourselves to be able to better handle your customer service needs and respond quicker to technical problems as they arise. This will be a continuing process as FullNet strives to provide you with the best possible Internet service anywhere.

On a side note, if you find that you are not getting the service or support you need, please feel free to contact me directly to voice your concerns. I am always open to discuss ways we can improve your Internet experience. You can reach me via email at jason@fullnet.net

Jason Ayers
VP - Operations

Taking A “byte” Out Of The Generation Gap

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, teacher or just a person who is three to four generations older than those with whom you come in contact on a personal basis, then more than likely you have had or are experiencing the dreaded “generation gap syndrome”.

Here is one of the ways that could offer you an opportunity to move into the 21st Century, expand your basic music knowledge, possibly offer a certain amount of entertainment and bring you closer to those who you love and desire their admiration. The best part is, you can do all this while using various programs on your PC, whether you are working on a spreadsheet, word processor, doing your taxes, writing emails, or just surfing the Net.

It’s called Internet radio. If you want to improve your relationship with the so-called younger generation just start interacting with them in a knowledgeable way when the discussion of any of the current pop singers or their songs come up in conversation. It’s very simple and here’s how it works. To listen, use an audio player such as the Windows Media plug-in or special player you download on each site.

Call our “Customer Support” at the number for your city/market and they will assist you according to your system’s capabilities. You will find the sound quality fairly good and the signal seldom choppy depending on your system and connection speed to the Internet. Plus, there are fewer commercials, if any, than on standard AM/FM radio stations. The feature that really sets Internet radio apart from traditional radios is when you don’t like a song just “quick click” and move on to the next one on the same channel. Now isn’t that “kool”, “sweet”, “groovy”, “awesome”, “outta sight”, or “neat”, as various generations would exclaim.

The most unique of its kind is at www.Sonicnet.com. This site lets you create your own personal station with only the artists you choose. If you hear a performer you don’t particularly like, just tell Sonicnet never to play that artist on your station again and it will be eliminated from your “personalized station” play list.

There are other sites you may want to sample until you find the one that suits you best. They are:

http://www.NetRadio.com - 120 channels of programmed music. You can buy the CD when you hear a song you like or would like to give to someone who thinks you are not “with it” when it comes to the current artist of the day.

InternetRadiolist.com - This site’s 1,500 stations include AM and FM stations around the world. Live365.com - Tune in to more than 25,000 independent radio feeds - talk, R&B, ‘80s punk, and anything and everything else that suites your taste, mood, or generation gap education needs.

Although these opportunities may not take a “byte”out of your generation gap experiences, at the very least they should provide you access to hours of personal enjoyment. It could also bring you to the realization that bridging the generation gap at the expense of a temporary loss of hearing and a shock to your nervous system may not be the way you want to go. As they say in France, “Bon Appetit”, with your ears, of course.

Don Turner
VP Marketing & Authorized Agent Sales

*Portions of this article were extracted from an article by the editor of Internet Cool Guide books, Rula Razek who is a Contributing Editor to USA Weekend’s “Where On The Web”. This article is strictly for the education and personal enjoyment of FullNet Communications, Inc. members (customers). Any reproduction or distribution of this article for the use of financial gain should be considered a copyright violation.

Attack Of The Killer Computer Viruses

Computers are great aren’t they? However, if they don’t work for you then they can make you feel just plain ill! You are probably familiar with the flu virus or the cold virus, but what about the “Snow White virus” or the “Naked Wife” virus; (yes I said the “Naked Wife” virus). These are just two of hundreds of computer viruses out there. Of course they can’t really make you physically ill, but I promise if you enjoy sitting in front of your computer and surfing the net, they will definitely affect you mentally.

There are many different types of viruses that attack various programs on your computers. Most come attached to email and are triggered by simply opening the attachment. At the very minimum a virus will delete the messages in your inbox, but there are viruses out there that are capable of destroying your entire hard drive.

The good news about all of this is that you can download antivirus software that will detect most of these viruses and help you get them off of your computer before it is infected. Information about Norton and McAfee, the two most well known antiviruses can be found at the following addresses; http://www.mcafee.com or http://www.norton.com. Both programs cost between $30 and $50 but when you consider the alternative of taking your computer in to get it fixed after being infected by a virus, you will definitely consider the cost to be well worth it, and thank me for the information.

Now, if by chance you have fallen victim to “Snow White” or one of her comrades, and had to take your computer in to get it fixed, you may want to check out these sites for yourself; http://www.webmd.com or http://www.health.msn.com/. Rebekah Fogle
Customer Service Representative

FullNet AHEAD !!!

At FullNet Communications, Inc. we have just completed creating a new look and feel to the FullNet website. We will be launching our new look Monday, March 19th, so we want you, our users, to be prepared to experience a cleaner, easier-to-navigate website with several added features and benefits.

Features, such as the Metacrawler search engine that gathers information for the top 10 search engines across the web, have been added to make your Internet surfing experience easier and more enjoyable. Daily weather and news coverage has also been provided to keep you informed and up to date without having to depend on radio or television.

We hope you enjoy the new design. Please feel free to let us know what we can do to make your Internet experience a more enjoyable one at comments@fullnet.net.

Chris Crockett

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