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Features & Benefits

It's fast.

With ADSL Internet service, you can benefit from download speeds that are up to 12 times faster than a typical ISDN connection and up to 50 times faster than a traditional 28.8 Kbps modem. This means that in the few seconds it takes to read this information, you could have downloaded a multi-megabyte document or image file. It would take 10 more minutes to download the same file with a regular modem.

It's secure.

ADSL Internet service from Viewpoint Technologies gives you a dedicated Internet connection via private telephone wires. You completely bypass dialup intruders or shared network hackers. Unlike traditional modems or cable modems, ADSL protects your valuable data with the most secure connection available.

It's affordable.

Our high-end ADSL packages offer industrial strength T1-like bandwidth (as fast as 6.0 Mbps) to multiple users at only a fraction of typical T1 costs. It should come as no surprise that ADSL is widely recognized as the most cost-effective connectivity solution for small businesses - there's simply no better price/performance option available. Even our basic ADSL offerings provide exceptional value to home users, including telecommuters, students, and hardcore gamers. For a complete list of available ADSL packages, features, and prices, check out our Pricing page.

It's always on.

No more busy signals, no more logging off to use the telephone, no more waiting for a connection to read your email or browse the web. Now you can concentrate on more important things, like where you want to go on the ever-expanding World Wide Web.

Stay tuned for a more technical discussion on ADSL and how it works in the August edition of FullNews, a monthly publication of FullNet Communications, Inc.

Tim Kilkenny
Founder and CEO of FullNet Communications, Inc.

Moving The Ball Foward

FullNet is excited to welcome the addition of the IPDataCom clients to the FullNet family. As the FullNet family continues to grow, we will do our best to keep you up to date on the latest developments in our network and customer base.

With this most recent acquisition, FullNet has gained the ability to offer high-speed internet access to many businesses in downtown Oklahoma City through a proprietary, high-speed broadband Internet access network, which is currently serving a number of key office buildings. With competitive pricing, we’re excited about the opportunity we can now offer to businesses that may not have other options.

Jason Ayers
VP – Operations

Cybertize Your Next Garage Or Yard Sale

When’s the last time you looked into a closet and said to yourself “We’ve got to get rid of some of this junk”. If this has happened to you, then you may want to consider setting up a virtual yard sale, especially if you need to purge a bloated collection of CDs and videos. I mean, really, when was the last time you either listened to half of your CDs or even considered watching that Teen Wolf video.

Granted, the Web is still an imperfect substitute for a good old-fashioned Garage or Yard sale. But, unloading unwanted items online will likely net you more cash, with less haggling – and in a cooler venue than your garage or front yard in July.

A good place to start is to find out what your junk (stuff) is worth at www.StrongNumbers.com. This “Blue Book Price Guide” gives the going rate for almost any product auctioned on the Web.

Listing items for sale on a site like eBay can be time-consuming: You have to post a photo and description of each item, monitor the auction and then mail the good to the highest bidder. A new service called www.myEZsale.com promises to handle all the details for a small 6% cut of the profit, but it has only 150 drop-off outlets in 11 states.

Better yet: If you’re unloading CDs, books, video games, sporting equipment or small electronics, head to http://www.Half.com, one of the more simple and safe used-goods marketplaces. To sell a used CD, all you need to do is type in the UPC number and set the price and shipping method. The site automatically posts a picture of the CD cover and info such as the song list and reviews. Once someone buys your item, you’re issued a company check – minus the site’s 5-15% commission, of course.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is to believe in the old adage “Your junk is someone else’s treasure,” and you’ll be on your way to having a successful sale, virtually.

Don Turner
VP Marketing and Authorized Agent Sales

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