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September News
Today is:

DSL: If You Qualify We Will Come

In the past few months we have discussed the benefits, speed, and guts of how DSL works. It is now time to talk about how you get it for your home or office. There are 7 easy steps to having DSL with FullNet.

  1. The first step is contacting our Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) at FullNet to see if your town and neighborhood qualify for ADSL.

    • Bartlesville: 1-877-FULLTEC (385-5832)
    • Enid: 580-242-4676
    • Lawton: 580-536-1536
    • Nowata: 1-877-FULLTEC (385-5832)
    • Oklahoma City: 405-235-5688
    • Ponca City: 580-765-1418
    • Stillwater: 405-372-0069
    • Tahlequah: 918-458-6408
    • Tulsa: 1-877-FULLTEC (385-5832)

  2. Please be ready to give the phone number of the place of business or residence that you wish to qualify. Our CSR's will find out if you qualify while you are on the phone.

  3. Once you have made the decision to allow FullNet to provide you ADSL, we will send you the month-to-month contract for your approval.

  4. We will only accept Credit Cards, Check Debit Cards, or Auto Checking Account Debiting as the form of payment for DSL. Please be prepared to select one of the above and indicate to the CSR which one you prefer.

  5. Upon receipt of the contract, we will place your order and keep you posted on the installation of your new service. It typically takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete an installation.

  6. You will be sent a self-install package. It contains:

    • One External NIC Modem/Bridge
    • One Wall-Mount
    • 5 Micro filters
    • Installation Manual (Network Interface Card (NIC) NOT included)

  7. If for any reason you are unable to do the self-installation, we will provide on- site support at the rate of $125.00 per hour, two-hour minimum in certain areas around Oklahoma. Ask about our premium installation plans.

For more information click here:

Or you can surf to: /index.html then click on products and services and choose FullDSL.

I hope that the past few months have helped you understand the world of Broadband more completely, especially as it pertains to DSL and ADSL. See you next month!

Tim Kilkenny
Founder and CEO FullNet Communications, Inc.

Refer A Friend, Get FREE Internet Access!

FullNet Communications, Inc. is now offering our members (customers) the chance to earn FREE Internet access by referring friends, family members and business associates to www.fullnet.net. If your friends and colleagues are frustrated with other ISPs that don't know what SERVICE means, then turn them on to www.fullnet.net, and you will get FREE Internet access in return. It's easy and there is no limit to the number of referrals! Here's how it works:

  1. Have your friends call us at the customer support number listed for your particular market. Our Website link for those numbers is: /support.html Or email us at support@fullnet.net to sign up for a new FullNet Internet access account. If the person you are referring prefers to sign up through our Website, they can do so by going to /signup,html and click on "Join Now". If they sign up through the FullNet Website, make sure that they put your fullnet.net username in the "referred by" field on the online join now form.

  2. As with all new accounts, our Customer Support Representative will inquire as to where our new customer learned about FullNet. Be sure the person you are referring gives the Customer Support Representative your fullnet.net username at signup so we can credit your account.

  3. Once the customer you referred has paid for the first month of their service, you will receive a credit equal to one month of your dial-up access applied to your account. It's FullNet's way of saying "Thanks" for your continued support.

    Here's when it starts:
    Effective date: Wednesday, September 12, 2001
    FullReferral GUIDELINES:

  4. We are very appreciative of members who have referred new members to FullNet in the past; however, retroactive credits are not available under this program.
  5. You may receive only one month of credit against your dial-up account during a given billing period. However, there is no limit on the number of referrals you may send, as credits are applied on an on-going basis. Example: Refer 24 new members and receive FREE dial-up Internet access for 2 years. It's that easy.

  6. This promotion has no cash value. FullNet Communications reserves the right to modify it in the event of abuse and the right to remove this offer upon written notice.

Job Hunting Can Be As Simple As www.com

For many, this month marks the official start of "now-I-better-get-a-job" anxiety. After all, it is only a few shorts weeks before Thanksgiving, and then comes Christmas with all those presents to buy plus traveling to family and friends for at least one of the year-end holidays. I recently read where a person who was laid off from Egreetings.com last October spent six weeks before finding a new job and then was laid off again in April. Since then, they have sent out over 300 resumes, schmoozed at networking parties, worked part-time jobs, and is still hunting for full-time employment.

With unemployment rates climbing and high-profile layoffs making the headlines daily, there are lots of folks looking for a job. All this means is that searching for a job is only getting tougher. At online job banks, employment listings often come up empty, and resumes frequently go unanswered. Employers are receiving hundreds of responses for a single job posting - and many highly qualified candidates are there for the picking.

If you are currently unemployed or wish to make a career move, several major job sites can be of help. CareerBuilder.com offers a "Layoff Survival Kit," featuring discussion boards where folks can commiserate and share job-hunting tips. Most everyone has heard of the infamous Monser.com who offers suggestions for stress management and how to reposition yourself in a tight market. Other resources include:

I personally have read and often review favorite chapters of What Color Is Your Parachute? since it was very instrumental in assisting me in making a career change after thirty-three years in the same business. Since the age of 54, I have made two career changes with great personal satisfaction and success. No one said finding the job you need and want was going to be easy. But, utilizing your FullNet Internet connection is one way to enhance and simply your quest. I hope that this information will be helpful, and I welcome your comments and questions.

Don Turner
VP Acquisitions & Authorized Agent Sales

This Web's for YOU -

As a progressive technology company, FullNet is always concerned with customer satisfaction and keeping up with the fast paced, ever changing face of the Internet.

Your personal comments, concerns and suggestions have helped us to make many improvements and upgraded features, which will help you create a more enjoyable experience for you, your family and your business!

The first, and most notable improvement is our new website along with the conveniene of web based email. My company has been retained for the complete redesign of the FullNet website and I have been asked to provide you with a little insight behind the design concepts of the FullNet website.

As you may have already noticed, the stationary navigation system located at the top of your browser window provides you with quick intuitive access to every area of the site. After making any primary menu selection, you are presented with a sub-menu section located on the left hand section of your screen where you can find more categorized and specific information concerning your account, support, news, mail and additional services offered by FullNet.

Our main goal in the overall design process was simply to... create a simple, customer friendly experience and to answer any questions or concerns you have!

Internet Browsing Tips:

As you browse the Internet and click on various links, these links sometimes change color? This feature is built into every Internet browser and was designed to help you heep track of where you have already been!

You can see a perfect example of this feature in action by clicking on any sub-menu selection here at the re-designed FullNet website. As you do, you'll notice that the link will change to a lighter blue color to conveniently remind you of areas which you have already visited.

In addition to this feature, a record or (history) of places you have visited will remain accessable to you for future reference. This feature can come in really handy for you too, let me explain... Let's say you have been surfing the Net off and on for a couple of days doing a little research on your favorite topic and you forgot to bookmark everything you read (by the way, creating too many bookmarks can quickly become an un-managable mess if you're not careful).

Ok, a couple of days have passed and you decide to set back down at your computer and resume the research on your favorite topic. You may remember this really cool website where you found some vital information but you cannot find it again but wait... If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer you can find that elusive info again! here's how -

Right click on any section of the menu bar and make sure the "standard buttons" selection is checked. Then click the sun dial or "history" icon, this will display a complete searchable list of places you have been the past few days and bravo!... you can retreive that long lost vital info!

Now, you can easily set the number of days which will be recorded in this "history" file by clicking "tools" and then "Internet Options" from Internet Explorer Menu selections.

After reaching the dialog box, you'll see a "history" section where you can easily vary the number of days which will be recorded in the history of your visits (or anybody else who uses your computer). You'll also notice a button where you can "clear" the history. By clicking the "clear" button, all history URLS will be removed AND...

Remember, discussing the color change of links you have already visited? Guess What? - If you clear your history file, your browser no longer knows you have previously visited a link and the color will revert back to the unvisited color!

Go ahead and try it, just remember to hit "refresh" or "reload" on your browser to see the links return to their original "unvisited" color.

I sincerely hope this brief article will enhance your Internet browsing experience and that you find the new FullNet website to be very functional, easy to use and intuitive. If you ever have any questions regarding Website Design or creation please feel free to download a Free Website Construction Kit here: http://profitable-ideas.com/go.pl?fnwd.

Enjoy your Web Experience

Best Regards,

Randy Bryant
FullNet Webmaster

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