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February News
Today is:

Christmas Shopping on the Internet (Part #3)

Trip planning and Hotels on the Net!

It should be noted that I work with some very mean and cruel individuals who were constantly putting doubt in my mind that the tickets I had bought to the Texans vs. Titans game in Reliant Stadium were fake!  J  During the whole trip to Houston I was going over in the back of my mind, "what if they were fake"!? 

After securing the tickets to the game on the Internet it was now time to make arrangements to stay in Houston for a couple of nights.   I always start by going to www.priceline.com because they are the best at getting low room rates.  I took a trip this past summer to San Jose and got a 1-bedroom suite with a full kitchen for only $45.00 per night.  5 nights was $225.00.  The room normally went for $150 a night to $300 during peak season. 

When you go to Priceline you have to know the vicinity of where you want to stay.  I was attending a football game at Reliant Stadium so I went to the http://www.texans.com and found the address of the stadium.  When I was on Priceline I clicked on a 4 star hotel located near the stadium since I knew the address.  I started bidding at $35 a night and they finally accepted my bid at a Marriott Renaissance for $45 per night!  I bought two rooms for two nights. 

There are other hotel services like http://www.Hotels.com or http://www.choicehotels.com if you don't like the uncertainty of knowing which hotels are going to accept your price.

There are many mapping programs on the Internet where you enter your starting address and then the destination address and they give you a map and step by step driving directions.  The one I most often use is http://maps.yahoo.com/ however there are others like http://www.mapquest.com, or http://www.randmcnally.com/.

As we went through the gate and I handed the person the tickets and took a deep breath they welcomed us through the gate and then wanted to confiscate my movie camera.  You cannot have movie cameras at an NFL game.   Well at least the tickets were good!

We have decided to add a new section to our Newsletter.  Recently we promoted Shane Thomas to Customer Service Manager.  Our intention is to help you put a face and story behind the voice when you call for support. 

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Get to know your FullNet Staff

Hello Fullnet, my name is Shane Thomas and I am your Customer Service Manger.  I have been happily married for 7 years and have 3 wonderful children.  I started working at Fullnet in October of 2000 as a Customer Service Representative and was recently promoted to Customer Service Manger.  I am currently attending Oklahoma City Community College pursuing an associate degree in Business with a Management Emphasis.  I currently have the following certifications:  A+ Certified, Registered Leviton Telecom Certified Installer, Lucent Technologies Certified Cabling Systems and Fiber Optic Specialist. Some of my interests and hobbies include: computers, gaming, volleyball, softball, helping people with their computer problems, and spending time with my beautiful wife and three kids.  As the new Customer Service Manger I would like to let you, the customer, know that I have an open door to comments and suggestions.  Please email me at support@fullnet.net or call at 1-877-385-5832 with any input you think would help make your experience with Fullnetís Customer Service Department more positive.

Thank you for your loyalty and I look forward to building a bigger, better, and closer relationship.

Shane Thomas
Customer Service Manger

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