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We interrupt the regularly scheduled news article on EBAY to make this


It all started the other day when I looked in the mirror and noticed my hair was growing over my ears.  I called my Barber, made an appointment, sat in his chair, and then listened to him tell me how he had just lost $5,000 in an Internet Scam!  That's right $5,000 real, hard earned, American Dollars.

It starts with people from overseas posing as potential buyers of large items for sale on the internet, such as a car.  They ask the seller of the item if they can have an associate of theirs in the United States mail them a cashier's check for the amount of the item plus transportation overseas in order to expedite the process. They then ask that once the check has cleared the bank, the seller withdraw the amount that is for transportation, and wire it to the buyer so he can schedule the shipment of the item.

When this cashier's check is deposited into the account of the seller, the banks let the customer know that funds are available in 24 hours, which is correct for a legitimate cashier's check. Feeling safely assured, the bank customer goes through with the transaction. Then, days later, when the checks are found to be counterfeit, the banks remove the entire amount of the check from the customer's account.

The scam works because everyone is assuming that it is a legitimate cashier's check, so it would be available in 24 hours. But it takes much longer for it to be realized that the check is not legitimate, and by then it is too late for the victim.

A year or so ago I saw a News Magazine like 60 Minutes or 20/20 do a special on scams that are coming out of Nigeria.  I thought everyone was aware of such scams but apparently I was wrong.  I wanted you the valued members of FullNet to know about these types of scams so you will not be a victim like my Barber.

Founder & CEO

Get To know your FullNet Staff

“Thank you for calling Fullnet, my name is Jeff, how can I help you”?

Hello, my name is Jeff Wattles and while I have been a Fullnet Customer Service Representative for only 18 months, I have worked in the customer service and technical support arenas for the last ten years. I have been through two years of college where my studies focused on computer programming and I am thinking about returning to get a computer sciences degree. I have also been through informal training where I learned to troubleshoot most types of Internet connections (Dial-Up, ISDN, DSL, Frame Relay) and through a seminar where I learned quite a bit about digital imaging. Like most of you I have learned about Microsoft Windows (and their other software) by going through the college of hard knocks. I feel this helps me relate to you, the customer, for I have had to work through some of the same questions and frustrations you have.

In my time away from work I enjoy an occasional camping or fishing trip, cooking out on the grill and just spending time with my lovely wife Sherri and stepson James. I also enjoy playing chess when I can find a worthy opponent.  

I have enjoyed the past 18 months serving you and look forward to helping you in the future.

Jeffrey H. Wattles
Customer Service Representative
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