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March News
Today is:

Sneak Preview!! Coming soon to a dial-up connection near you....

Within the next week, FullNet will be launching an exciting new product which will be available FREE to all FullNet members. It is called FullSpeed and it will accelerate your Internet connection up to five times the speed of normal dial-up! Not only will FullSpeed accelerate your surfing experience, but it will also accelerate your email. This incredible enhancement for your dial-up experience even includes a built-in Pop-Up blocker!

The best part about the new FullSpeed accelerator is that it will be free to all FullNet members. Many other ISPs have imitation products, but they make their customers pay an extra fee of between $3 and $7 per month to get them. Here at FullNet, we believe in offering the best quality service at a fair price and will be adding this exciting and valuable enhancement to your service for no extra fee (thatís right it will be free!).

Stay tuned for the highly anticipated launch of the FullSpeed service next week.

Jason Ayers
VP of Operations

Networking for Dummies! Part #2

Let me begin this monthís installment with a correction. Last month I said that:

  • 802.11 B is 11 Megabit
  • 802.11 A is 50 Megabit
  • 802.11 G is 100 Megabit

However, these are the correct speeds:

  • 802.11 B is 11 Megabit
  • 802.11 A & G is 54 Megabit

With that said, letís move on to what I have learned.

We decided to go with a product made by Linksys solely because it is now a Cisco Company and we have been very impressed with Cisco routers and switches over the last nine years that we have been in business. So for the office we purchased the following wireless access point:


My first thought was to go to Best Buy or CompuServe and check the pricing. They both wanted nearly $300 for the wireless access point. To search for the best pricing, I decided to get the model number and type it into Google:


After looking at several price sheets I located this from Bizrate.


There is a trick that online vendors play with prices. You have to compare the prices and the shipping charges before you can accurately determine the total price delivered to you including shipping.

Next month we will finish up by discussing the installation of a wireless network here in the office where my tech guruís did the job and my experience with my own at home.

Until next month Happy Surfing!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

The 411 On New Software

If your profits, or your mental health, are riding on the next release of a vital application, turn to BetaNews (http://www.betanews.com) for the scoop on when itís coming, what the pre-release version does and where you can get it. This site updates news frequently on beta programs and services, freeware and shareware. Many stories have beta tester comments and direct links for downloading the application.

A useful companion site, VersionTracker (http://www.versiontracker.com), monitors thousands of shipping shareware, freeware and commercial programs for PCís, Macs and Palms. Each citation notes the version, the system requirements, what the program does and whatís been changed, along with a download link.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

Hi everyone!,Ted Williams

My name is Ted Williams, No, not the baseball player, although that is the first response that I usually get from people, although I do have a great batting average. (Smile) I joined FullNet in June of 2003 as the Vice President of Agent Sales. My duties include traveling the great state of Oklahoma, to both large and small communities, meeting with business owners and their employee to share the exciting FullNet story and how they can be involved with a company that really cares about its agents, employees and members.

On a personal note, I am married to my wonderful wife, Gloria. We have three children, two girls, Adriane & Domenica, and one son, Ted Jr. When I am not on the road traveling from city to city for FullNet, you will find me and my family singing gospel music somewhere. This is our first love, of which I am happy to say that after singing all of my life on everyone elseís CDs and records, God blessed me in 2003 to sing and produce our first solo CD titled ďIntercessionĒ which is available for sale throughout the United States, but enough about me.

If I can help you with anything please feel free to contact me at twilliams@FullNet.Net

Ted Williams
Vice President Agents Sales

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