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Contrary to popular opinion Al Gore didnít invent the Internet. It was invented by the Military in conjunction with colleges who were doing research work for the military. They are at it again and the new network would be called Internet2.

Headline: Intel, Princeton University, the University of California at Berkeley and a Host of Other Academic and Industrial Heavyweights Have Banded Together to Take the Lag Out of Getting Data From Halfway Around the World.

Headline: The Internet Needs to Be Upgraded With a New Layer of Abilities That Will Deal With Imminent Problems of Capacity, Security and Reliability, Intel Chief Technology Officer Pat Gelsinger said Thursday.

Vint Cerf, who helped invent the Internet more than 30 years ago, detailed a litany of Internet issues:

  • "There is a capacity problem," with tens of billions of devices expected to be connected, he said: "How is the Net going to support all these billions of additional devices and users?"
  • "Users and applications are going to demand much more bandwidth than the current infrastructure currently delivers," an issue that will be complicated by localized traffic jams that Cerf called "flash crowds."
  • With the growing breadth of the Internet, there will be increased variations in network service response times. That will mean that quality of service will be less predictable, Cerf said.
  • While the private sector will be able to fix some problems, tax and crime policy "have to be tackled by governmental or intergovernmental framework(s)," he said.

Those of us in the Internet business for that past 10 years already knew that the Internet was both rigid and fragile. It is my hope that Internet2 will be one of the many answers needed to provide more fluid transitions to new widespread applications and the hardware technology that undoubtedly come in the future.


Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO


Tired of working for someone who doesnít appreciate your contribution? Looking to start your own business? You will need to write a business plan! The Small Business Administration is a great place to start. Here you will find a comprehensive list of things to consider while putting together a business plan.

For examples of outstanding business plans along with a ton of helpful advice, check out the Center for Business Planning. Believe it or not, NASA actually has a good business plan outline (even for non-space-oriented businesses) at http://sbir.gsfc.nasa.gov/SBIR/BusPlan.html.

Itís always easier to write if you have a clear picture of what the finished product should look like. The free sample plan at http://bulletproofbizplans.com is incredibly detailed and highly worth reviewing. To download sample plans based on industry (manufacturer, retailer or service provider), try the CCH Business Ownerís Toolkit.

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