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January News
Today is:

The Past, Present and Future of FullNet Communications Inc. & its Subsidiaries

Here are some of the significant events that come to mind as we look back over 2004:

  1. We expanded our coverage area and now offer service in more than 220 cities and towns throughout Oklahoma for your convenience.
  2. We rolled out our free FullSpeed Internet Accelerator for all of our members.
  3. We rolled out our free FullFilter E-mail Spam and Virus Protection for all of our members.
  4. We upgraded our network to allow all of our members to be able to receive telephone calls while on-line using our Modem on Hold functionality

Here are some of the significant events that we are looking forward to accomplishing in 2005:

  1. We will be contracting with Long Distance Providers to offer Long Distance to our members who either have our phone service or would like pre-paid calling cards.
  2. We are working to be able to offer Bundled Dial-tone, Internet and Long Distance to businesses in most of the local calling area in Oklahoma City before the end of March. We then plan to expand this service into Tulsa.
  3. We are looking forward to celebrating our ten year anniversary of being your dependable Oklahoma local Internet access provider.
  4. We remain committed to being the best Dial-Up provider in the state of Oklahoma.

We are constantly evaluating new technologies to insure that you are receiving the best possible service. Since 1995, we have invested in excess of $2.0 million to bring you the fastest and most dependable dial-up Internet experience available. We remain committed to providing every one of our members throughout Oklahoma with the fastest and most dependable dial-up service.

Stay tuned for another exciting year in technology. We will continue to make your life easier by adapting the new technologies to your lifestyle. All this brought to you by your favorite communications company: FullNet Communications Inc.

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Consumers & the Internet

ClickZ Stats has everything that you would ever want to know about Internet research, trends, and analysis. The site provides readers with valuable statistics and Web marketing information, enabling them to understand the Internet business environment. ClickZ Stats gathers online research from the best data resources to provide a complete review of the latest surveys and technologies available.

If you're looking for some quick statistics, check the ClickZ Stats Stats Toolbox. To make your quest even easier, they've divided the Toolbox into sections on Internet Traffic, Advertising Stats, Demographics, E-Commerce, Internet access, and weekly and monthly data.

If you want to know how many people are online, you can check their Geographics section. Here you will find statistics and research on markets around the globe, including the online populations of more than 50 countries.

Any information you might possibly need related to e-commerce is in their Retailing section, which includes in-depth coverage during the holiday season.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of Internet technology, check out their Hardware and Wireless sections. For a real numbers junkie, their Traffic Patterns section has monthly data on the top properties, sites, and surfing habits.

Since its inception in 1996, ClickZ Stats (formerly CyberAtlas) has amassed numerous awards from reputable Web sites and publications. Also noteworthy, major Web sites and Internet sources cite ClickZ Stats as the place to begin your online research.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel


The FullNet Customer Service department recommends the use of the free (for non-commercial use only) program, "Ad-Aware Personal SE," to clean your system of malicious software (malware, aka spyware). Spyware is often the cause for an unwarranted system slowdown, constant pop-up advertisements, redirection from your home page, and other unusual computer problems.

Microsoft provides a great deal of information on their web site from which you can learn how to secure your computer against spyware. As of today, they have taken one step further in the offering of their free Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta).

The release of this new product has inspired a great deal of online debate, not to mention a bundle of reviews from professional and amateur sources. One of the better articles calls its interface "...more friendly than Spybot..." and declares its scanning as "...quite effective..." finding malware "...that neither Spybot or Adaware had noticed." The article is worth a read and can be found here.

FullNet Customer Service Department

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